The only way to perfect a donut is to make them fresh and with quality ingredients. Just ask Doughology. Doughology started out as a small shop in Lynbrook, Long Island. Now they have locations in Babylon and New Jersey. Doughology makes beautiful fresh dough and they offer unique donuts. From fun combinations to a create-your-own-donut bar, Doughology does it all.

A spread of toppings: apple pie, fruity pebbles, Oreos!

Dougholoy prides themselves on their slogan: “the science of creating the perfect donut.” They have mastered the perfect dough. It is a hybrid between a chewy and cakey donut. It is soft and melts in your mouth. They fry fresh batches in front of customers everyday.

The dough isn’t too sweet, which is where the delicious toppings come in! Doughology has over-the-top toppings (pun intended) that will blow your mind. They have maple bacon, churro, s’mores, samoa cookies, and even a peanut butter cup. When they are available, you can even find a cannoli donut or rainbow cookie donut. Specialty items include donut nachos, donut pieces smothered in frosting and toppings. How outrageous are these creations?!

We tried a half dozen of Doughology donuts. The top row from left to right: cinnamon bun, Snickers, Fruit Pebbles, apple pie, chocolate raspberry, and Oreo. Some were filled, like the cinnamon bun and apple pie donuts. Each donut itself was pillowy and dreamy. The toppings added a crunch or extra silkiness. Doughology is worth all the rage. Check out their website for more info on flavors, specialties, and even catering!


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