Dirty Taco + Tequila

Can’t ever go wrong with some tacos, amirite? Dirty Taco + Tequila is a fusion of influences from LA, Miami, and NYC. Located in Long Island, the restaurant’s settings and tacos will transport your taste buds to another realm of urban life. They serve street-style tacos, salsa, nachos, and tequila of course! 🍸

Variation: (left) Jamaican jerk, (top right) buffalo shrimp, (bottom right) pulled BBQ chicken.

Dirty Taco + Tequila is most known for their tacos as the name suggests. Their combinations of sauces and toppings create an explosion of flavor with every bite. Their Jamaican jerk taco is as tropical as can be. It’s a corn tortilla filled with pineapple salsa and cilantro lime crema. The buffalo shrimp taco takes its own spin on buffalo wings. It has a flour tortilla with sweet cold slaw and blue cheese cream. Their pulled BBQ chicken creation includes a corn tortilla, spicy buttermilk cold slaw, bacon, jalapeΓ±os and a chipotle barbecue sauce. Each of these tacos get a 10/10 for creativity, sauciness, and flavor!

Dirty Taco + Tequila have more taco combinations of fish, pork, beef, and even veggie fillings. You are sure to find a taco that intrigues you! Wash it down with a chilled or frozen margarita. These beautiful concoctions are made with tequila and fruity syrups. Check out their full menu on their website.

Once you try their food, you’ll keep running back for more. Try one menu item or try them all! The list goes on and on. Enjoy your time at Dirty Taco + Tequila! πŸ₯Ÿ

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