Cristina’s Deli & Grill

If you’re a true New York foodie and you didn’t get excited by the title, you need to reevaluate everything you know. On a serious note. ‘Cause if you haven’t heard about Cristina’s Deli, then your resources are not reliable enough. You can find Cristina’s Deli in Queens, New York, also known as the heart of the melting pot. Needless to say, people from Queens know amazing food, making Cristina’s Deli one of their go-to’s.

Cristina’s Deli is most popular for their heart attack sandwich. They take a fried chicken cutlet and sandwich it between mozzarella, fries, onion rings, and bacon. Top off this beauty with Cristina’s special sauce and your heart attack awaits. One bite and you’d understand why this is worth all the health risks. You wouldn’t believe that this is a regular bodega sandwich. Christina’s heart attack sandwich puts other deli chicken specialties to shame.

A contender that meets its match is their hot fire sandwich. The hot fire consists of a grilled chicken cutlet, mozzarella, bacon, barbecue sauce and hot sauce. NYC bodegas are known for sauced up chicken cutlet sandwiches, but the hot fire shakes things up. It has an enjoyable kick to it which is rare for chicken cutlet sandwiches that promise spice. You won’t be able to go back to regular deli chicken cutlet sandwiches after trying Cristina’s.

Cristina’s deli has many more deli sandwiches to offer from breakfast sandwiches to cold cuts, burgers, and wraps. They craft their simple bodega food with love, earning them loyal customers that just keep coming back for more. Check out Cristina’s Deli in Queens to earn your true New Yorker stripes.

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