Crazy Willy’s

Commence your weekend by tucking into some of your favorite comfort food. After a long work week, you deserve it! Treat yourself to some takeout from your favorite local restaurant that just hits the spot. One of my favorites is Crazy Willy’s, a Latin-Caribbean restaurant located in Queens, NY. With just a 10 minute drive away, they never disappoint my Spanish food hankering!

Crazy Willy’s is one of my favorite local spots because they serve comfort food and amazing drinks at affordable prices. The Latin-Caribbean setting is right up my alley as I grew up eating Latin-Caribbean dishes. Many regulars who come here are Dominican and they bring their bachata dance moves with them. Local DJs cater to Dominican and Latin American music, livening up the scene. Crazy Willy’s is a genuine fun setting to dine in.








If we’re talking about Crazy Willy’s food, that’s just as enticing for the dine-in experience. One of their best dishes is chicken alfredo (above left). They don’t skimp on creaminess and flavor when it comes to their chicken alfredo. Crazy Willy’s adds a Caribbean twist to this dish. The sauce has  notes of garlic, seasoned salt, garlic, and herbs. Paired with grilled chicken and pasta, their chicken alfredo is a must-have.

They bring island flavors to Queens with their drinks, too. They serve sweet piña coladas in pineapples, frozen or chilled. Another popular drink is Señor Willy’s which is frozen Grey Goose and coconut topped with Hennessey and peach liquor. Crazy Willy’s also serve sangrias, margaritas, wine, and beer for the casual-hearted. They have something special for everyone, even lemonade and smoothies for the kids.

Check out more Crazy Willy’s items on their website or order through delivery apps.  You can also visit them to dine outdoors- don’t forget your dancing shoes!

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