Corazon De Cuba Taqueria

Looking for a new cuisine to explore this weekend? Cuban food is often overshadowed by popular Mexican food and traditional Spanish food. Nonetheless, it’s flavorful and pulls influence from Caribbean flavors. Corazon De Cuba Taqueria is a fun spot located in Long Island. They definitely do justice to the Cuban cuisine!

You know you’re beautiful when the lighting works THIS well for you. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

At Corazon De Cuba Taqueria, I was going to try my first ever Cuban sandwich. However, Β the skirt steak sandwich had me hooked. Caramelized onions, chipotle mayo, avocado? Count me in! I also had to try their Jamaican street corn with jerk mayo and coconut. Finally, I got their wings mancha manteles.

This was my first time trying chocolate mole sauce. I didn’t know what to expect. It was made with dark chocolate, chorizo, tomato, nuts, plantains, ancho chile peppers, and pineapple. Strange pairings, but boy are they awesome together. The flavor was subtle and sweet for a sauce packed with many ingredients.

The Jamaican street corn was hands-down the best street corn I ever had. Coconut and corn are better united.

The skirt steak sandwich was creamy and soft thanks to the avocado and mozz. However, I recommend trying the traditional Cuban sandwich! It would have made the experience more authentic. Not to mention, my friend and I sampled their sangria,Β  beer, and best-ever margarita. Their drinks are truly worth it!

All of our NYC foodies need to try Corazon De Cuba Taqueria.Β Their full menu can be found here. Let’s give Cuban cuisine the recognition it deserves. Once you try their dishes, you’ll keep going back for more!

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