Cinnabon’s New Churro Chillatta

Make way, basic iced coffees! Cinnabon released their new Churro Chillatta drink a few months ago that has a sweet garnish (literally, it’s coated in cinnamon sugar). This is the dessert fantasy you never knew you needed. What could be better during this difficult time than treating yourself to a creamy caramel concoction topped with fried dough?

Plop a churro right in the center of the Churro Chillatta and you have yourself a churro chillatta!

The base of the drink is the classic Chillatta mix of frozen coffee and flavored syrup, in this case caramel. However, they send this one over the top with a caramel-drizzled cup and whipped cream with more caramel on top. You simply can’t miss the golden sugary churro in the straw insert. FYI, the churro does not double for a straw. I tried it for the purpose of research.

My job as the food blogger includes finding all purposes of the churro, guys. 😅

Cinnabon makes sure that quarantine doesn’t get in between you and this beauty! Order a Churro Chillatta for pick up from your nearest Cinnabon. Or you can follow the #stayathome order and have them deliver the frozen drink to your door to ensure your safety during this time!

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