Cafe Bench

Craving the taste of a light crepe this summer? Cafe Bench in Flushing, New York is a creperie that creates both sweet and savory crepes. They serve hot and iced coffee, herbal teas, and fruity smoothies. Cafe Bench is just what you need for your midday pick-me-up!

Sweet crepe: cheesecake filling topped with cheesecake chunks!

Savory crepe: Italian Pomodoro.








We sampled Cafe Bench’s sweet and savory crepes. Their whimsical names add to the magic of crepes, like Penny the Cheesecake. Penny the Cheesecake (left) was a smooth cheesecake filling with graham cracker crumbs and strawberry cubes. It also came with cheesecake chunks and whipped cream. How dreamy! This crepe was one of the most memorable crepes I’ve ever had, not just because of its flavors but also because of its textures. The chunks of cheesecake and fruit complimented the fluffy filling and thin Cafe Bench crepe.

The Pomodoro crepe (right) had all the flavors of pasta Pomodoro packed into one little crepe. The tomato sauce was flavorful and the shredded chicken in the crepe absorbed that sauce! Balanced out by some greens, this was a hearty yet light meal that held us up throughout the day. We also tried a Cafe Bench milky tea. We got the strawberry ice royal. It was ice cubes made of pureed strawberry and sweet milk. It was perfectly sweet and refreshing!

Friends catching up under the fairy-like tree.

A very outdoorsy-indoor setting.







The interior design of Cafe Bench is super cute for a coffee date with friends. Take some cute pictures as you stop in for a quick bite! Check out their website for all things delicious.

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