Brain Freeze Ice Pops

A group of West Indian friends started Brain Freeze in the local Queens area. They make alcohol-infused ice pops using a variety of flavors and liquors. Not only that, but they are colorful and have fun names, some of which are reminiscent of popular Caribbean songs. These are the perfect frozen treat for cooling off in the summer heat! 😋

Note: Some of our ice pops melted when we were tasting it (don’t be like us, make sure you stick them in the freezer long enough!) and we noticed that brought out the alcohol taste even more. The more frozen they are the less alcohol you taste, so keep that in mind when you’re enjoying these unique ice pops! Final ratings are also an average of Shiv’s rating and Trisha’s rating combined.

The Flavors & Our Ratings

Coco Loco (blueberry based) and Savannah Grass (lime-based)

While Coco Loco had strong alcohol taste, the coconut flavor was spot on. Savannah Grass was also strong, but surprisingly it was Shiv’s favorite! Both ice pops are infused with rum.

Coco Loco: 7.5/10

Savannah Grass: 8/10


Wotless (sangria based with gummy worms) & Baddish (orange-based)

Wotless was Trisha’s second favorite. Again, the candy infusion balanced out the alcohol content. Unfortunately, Baddish was our least favorite. It was strong and almost tasted like orange-flavored medicine. Both are infused with rum.

Wotless: 8/10

Baddish: 5.5/10

Rukshun (peach base with sour patch candy) & Bazodee (grape/blueberry base)

Rukshun, Trisha’s favorite, was fruity and sweet because of the Sour Patch’s sugar! Bazodee, on the other hand, was so strong to the point where you could taste straight Cognac. Shiv preferred the Bazodee over the Rukshun as she doesn’t have as big of a sweet tooth as Trisha.

Rukshun: 9.5/10

Bazodee: 7.5/10

Red Gyal (cherry based) & Tiney Winey (lemon-based)

Red Gyal and Tiney Winey were made with Vodka and Tequila infusions. We think this was the reason for their fruitiness and subtle alcohol flavors. Tiney Winey was a second fave for Shiv.

Red Gyal: 9/10

Tiney Winey: 9/10

Final verdict: Worth It! 👍🏼

Brain Freeze ice pops are a sure-fire way to get the party started! Alcoholic likes and dislikes are based on personal preference, so it’s a good thing Brain Freeze has a very versatile selection to choose from! Your favorite might be one that we didn’t like. The only way to find out is to try them! DM @officialbrainfreeze on Instagram to place your order. Share them with friends and enjoy responsibly!


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