Blend on the Water

Remember when Blend on the Water was a popular spot for special dinners? With everyone posed up on Instagram by the waterfront view? What an exciting time that was! 😅 Now there are tons of go-to restaurants with Instagrammable opportunities. For some reason, Blend on the Water seems to have special place in our hearts. While the view is a huge reason, people don’t rave about the food enough!

In case you didn’t know, Blend on the Water is an upscale restaurant in Long Island City, NY. They specialize in Latin fusion which is right up my alley! From seafood to surf and turf, you’ll find their food juicy and full of Spanish flavors. Their cocktails pack a punch in the most refreshing ways! We tried their popular chicharron de pollo skewers,  guacamole, and pollo a la plancha. The white sauce on both dishes is their lemon butter sauce. When I say it’s to die for, I mean that sauce is to die for! It takes their chicken from a 10 to a 20! 👌🏼

Serious surf & turf: filet mignon, shrimp, and mangu! (via Instagram)

Mango margarita, blue Hawaiian, strawberry limonade, and piña colada! (via Instagram)









Combine the epic flavors, variety of foods, cocktails, and aesthetics, and you’ll find yourself at Blend on the Water. Their restaurant appeal has definitely shifted towards a seasonal summer one. We’re here for it all! Explore their dine in and takeout/ delivery menus on their website. Their food is definitely worth it. And with a view like that, who could complain?!

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