We’ve hit another viral food spot! This time, the owners run a popular food truck. Located on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, Birria-landia attracts foodies from all over the city. Foodies line up for miles waiting to order birria tacos and stew. Can you blame them?

“Birria” translates to mess, which is the best thing possible for tacos. These tacos are dipped in the stew, stuffed with its tender beef, and fried. The crunchy exterior combined with the melt-in-your-mouth meat makes for a perfect pairing. With birria tacos, it’s essential to have a bowl of birria stew on standby. You must dunk your tacos in the broth to get maximum flavor out of the chipotle peppers and so on. Birria is top-notch in terms of a spicy, savory, and sweet combination.

Just look at that dunk! The juicy tenderness and flavor explosion is worth the wait. Usually, Birria-landia has customers lined up around the entire block. People wait for up to 2-3 hours for their orders. Even though they have 2 trucks, that says a lot about their food! Check out Birria-landia whenever you’re in the Queens region. Birria-landia is definitely worth the hype!

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