Made in Heaven

Made In Heaven Made in Heaven is an Amazon Prime Original Series. It follows two wedding planners, Tara and Karan who strive to deliver the perfect wedding to all of their clients with their company "Made in Heaven." This comes with many obstacles in both their professional and personal lives. Along with all the crazy clients and … Continue reading Made In Heaven

The Legend of Korra

What's it About? The Legend of Korra (LOK) is a spinoff of the beloved Nickelodeon childhood series Avatar the Last Airbender (ATLA). It takes place two generations later when Avatar Aang reincarnates as Avatar Korra. Similar to the original show, Avatar Korra must navigate through life and defeat numerous villains while trying to master all … Continue reading The Legend of Korra

ABC’s Revenge ABC's Revenge is a drama all about, you guessed it, revenge. Set in the Hamptons, where wealth, status, and beauty are key features determining one's power, things go awry when Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) moves to town. Formerly known as Amanda Clarke, Thorne lived in the Hamptons with her father, David Clarke … Continue reading ABC’s Revenge