Soul Soul Synopsis SPOILERS AHEAD! Soul was released by Disney and Pixar on Disney + on Christmas Day 2020. Soul is about Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher who gets the opportunity of a lifetime that'll make all of his dreams come true. However, before Joe is able to live out his dreams, he … Continue reading Soul

Frozen 2 Okay so! If you're like me, then you still weren't sure what Frozen 2 was just by watching the trailer. It's okay, I'll explain. Assuming you've seen the first Frozen movie, then you're caught up with where things left off. In Frozen 2, we get more of a backstory about Anna and Elsa's parents, … Continue reading Frozen 2


  Note: This post was written by Samanta Narayan, not by the editors of A huge thanks to Samanta for the movie review! *Spoilers are ahead.* The Warner Bros have recently released the new infamous Joker! Many fans are finally able to see the Joker’s side of the story. The Joker, who is originally … Continue reading Joker