Red Lobster

Okay, so Red Lobster isn't as unique to NYC as the other places I've written about on here,ย butย that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve recognition. Fast food and restaurant chains seem to get a bad rep solely due to their nature, yet this can lead to people missing out on some hidden gems (and usually bargains) … Continue reading Red Lobster

Krave It

Krave It Sandwich Shop & Eatery in Bayside, New York could become your best friend if you let it. They are known for their sandwiches and pizza whose range of options is outrageous; they have over 30 pizza combinations and over 20 sandwich options! Their menu is honestly too long physically to count it all. … Continue reading Krave It


You've probably heard of (or read if you scroll on Instagram often) Taiyaki if you live in one of the hotspot cities like New York City and Miami. Taiyaki is now a big franchise that has several locations in the western hemisphere, but Japan is the originator of this fun ice cream treat. Taiyaki has … Continue reading Taiyaki