I was absent the day the class made vaporwaves together, so I had to rely on the Youtube links Professor Ryan provided! If you don’t know what vaporwave is, it’s basically “. . . an amalgam of retro culture remix focused on the commercial aesthetics of 80s and early 90s – VHS artifacts, Glitch art, a little greek classical sculpture, 90s web design, low poly 3D computer graphics, and more,” as one of the professors from the CT department put it. He also linked this video to further explain:

I made my vaporwave using PhotoShop. It was a little bit hard to follow the tutorial, only because the instructor was going so fast and I needed time to slowly navigate through all the features of PhotoShop. I was able to get almost every component, except for the grid aspect. That’s when I became lost as to what he was doing. Other than that, I thought it was really fun to make this piece of art!

My Vaporwave creation!

I think what makes mine a little bit different is the Volkswagen emblem. I added it in to represent my car, Bella the Buggy! Everything else I used is just generic vaporwave elements.

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