Under Eye Care: More Important Than Ever

Puffy eyes. Dark circles. Purple eye bags. We’ve all been focusing more on our skin ever since we’ve been in quarantine. This either means that you’ve been invested in skincare or that you’ve noticed how much you neglect your skin, especially those under eyes. It has gotten rough for those who are working, taking care of the family, and/or going to school. Our workload seems to have entirely multiplied. Personally, there never seems to be enough hours in my day anymore. This results in an endless cycle where I stay up late scrambling to stay productive, crawling into bed way past midnight, waking up late the next day, and tackling the load with limited hours again. It also results in me neglecting my skincare and under eyes. Relatable?

All of us neglecting sleep, skincare, and eye care during quarantine.

So, what did I do?

A few weeks ago, I decided to hop on Google, as one does, to search for the best under eye serums and creams to step up my eye care. I stumbled on products with great reviews and ingredients proven to combat darkness and puffiness. What halted me was the price tags of these items. One ounce of product for $60 and above? During a pandemic as a college student whose work hours have been cut? No thank you!

I moved my research from Google to Amazon to find some effective and affordable under-eye serums and creams. Amazon struck me with luck. I came across Leven Rose’s coffee eye lift serum for $20. The serum claimed to naturally reduce puffiness and darkness in the under-eye area. It also claimed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles of the thin skin. Caffeine of the coffee firms the skin and boosts collagen production. With all-natural oils such as coffee bean oil and rosehip seed oil for an affordable price, I had found the bang for my buck.


I have been using Leven Rose’s serum for about a month now and I can honestly say that my dark circles have improved. I can also tell that the fine lines there have diminished since it’s never too early to tackle aging skin. My face looks significantly brighter and better overall now that my under eye situation has been sorted out. I can’t rave about their eye lift serum enough because it has truly changed my complexion during quarantine!

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