Tired of Being Tired

If we’re being honest, I have reached that point in the semester where I just wanna be done with all my papers, homework assignments, discussion boards, and exams. Having to balance school and work, which is hard enough on its own, along with maintaining a social life is just exhausting. March was the longest month ever. There was always something to do or somewhere to go. I could not catch a break. I struggle with a lot of anxiety and depression issues and it’s hard to handle that as well as handle everything else going on. I just feel like a french fry that’s been burnt to a darkened crisp. I feel like a dishcloth that’s had every last drop of water wrung out. I feel like no matter how much sleep I get, I’m always tired.

College got me like

Do you wanna know the reason why I hardly post here?

Even though the maintenance of this website is a part of my classwork in my CT101 class, I often refrain from going on here and posting because I feel like I should be devoting my writing skills to my other homework where I can write in an academic matter. Meaning, whenever I feel like writing, I’ll force myself to go write in a voice that a student uses for a paper or homework assignment or discussion board. On this website, I don’t do that so much. I literally just write what I’m thinking. It’s much less formal, yes, but that means it’s more personal too. I don’t have to stop and think, “shoot, did I just use a contraction? Is that word ‘sophisticated’ enough to be used in this context? Is that sentence grammatically correct?” No, here, I just write what’s on my mind. I write for me.

I decided to blog today because I just felt so tired of all the academia. That’s why I like CT101 so much, it doesn’t feel like a regular class. I don’t mind putting in work here because I don’t feel so limited. I feel devoting my time to this rather than making myself worked up over my other assignments. I will get them done, but tonight is not the night, I’m way too tired.

I’m not gonna go into the specifics of what I’m tired of (mostly because if I do, I’ll be writing all night and ya girl got a 10am class tomorrow and two first- draft papers to start that are BOTH due on Sunday :)))).  But yeah, just know, I’m done with this semester but it’s not done with me.

Me breaking up with Spring Semester 2019

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