The Best Method for Shaving

With the hot season approaching, that means more of us are shaving our bodies. Personally, I like to shave my arms and legs but if you love your body hair then I’m here for it! Anyway, for those of you tired of razor bumps, painful waxing, or any other inconvenient shaving method, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve discovered the best product for shaving, and lucky for you, now you have too!

Emphasis on “magic”

You’ve probably seen this product floating around the internet, especially Tik Tok, but that’s because it really works! It’s also super cheap! I got my Magic Shaving Powder for about $3-$4 on Amazon, but some Tik Tokers have claimed to have purchased the product for even less at their local Walmart, Target, and Walgreens.

Prep Time

It’s pretty simple to use. Pour some of the powder in a container, and add a small amount of water. Literally a few drops of water. The less water, the better. It took me some time to figure that out but you don’t want the mixture to be too diluted. It’s supposed to form a paste that is similar in texture to regular shaving cream.


I decided to mix it with my hands (I highly recommend using gloves, please learn from my mistake). In the past, I’ve used little spoons or cotton swabs and it does not mix well with the paste. It was similar to kneading dough for me. Once you’ve got your paste, now it’s time to rub it on the desired area. I chose my legs for this demonstration.

Before: My hairy leg

The shaving powder working its “magic”












Shaving Instructions

Once you rub the paste on your desired area, let it sit for about 5-7 minutes. If you have thinner hair,Β  I recommend doing a thinner layer and leaving it for about 5 minutes. If you have thicker hair then do a thick layer with the maximum time of 10 minutes- don’t let it sit longer than that! When the time is up, take a damp cloth or towel and rub it off. DO NOT USE SOAP OR A RAZOR! It won’t come off in one swipe, you’ll have to use your damp cloth and continuously rub until all the white paste is gone. I recommend doing this in your bathtub because the white flakes can get messy.

The Results

After: My hairless leg

Once you rub off all of the paste, you should be left hairless! Now, using this product does take some time to get used to. The first time I used it, my mixture was way too watery and I did not leave it on long enough. I was left with a few hairs here and there which I removed with a razor afterward. However, once you master the proportions and the time, then it’s a piece of cake!

Tips to Keep In Mind

Remember to read the instructions and warnings before you use it. Also, test it out on a small section before covering large areas of your body with it. This product is originally intended for shaving beards, but it can be used on other areas such as arms, legs, armpits, even those private areas! Magic Shaving Powder definitely takes less time and provides better results than other shaving methods.



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