Thank you Professor Ryan!

Soooo, I haven’t been very active much since the creation of my new website, ya girl is going through some stuff. Anyway, I came to my CT101 class, and professor Ryan basically helped us upgrade our websites! He showed us how to add menus and pages, so now I have an “about” page and a “contact me” page. He also told us to install some useful plug-ins like “Jetpack” and “Akismet.” Now that I am one step further in progress with my website, I want to go home and try to pimp it out with different visuals and designs. I definitely want to be blogging more too! College is hard and stressful, but this is one of those things that doesn’t feel like “work.” I can’t wait to continue to grow and have this website flourish. Thank you Professor Ryan!

Since everything has been hectic with college, work, and social events, I find it hard to just sit down and write for myself. After I do all my homework, I’m just super burned out from writing. I hope once the semester is over. I can become more proactive with my poetry especially. Throughout the semester, I’m definitely going to be blogging way more!

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