Productive Procrastination

Omg do you ever tell yourself, “tomorrow, I’m gonna be soooo productive, I’m gonna do so many things,” and then things don’t go quite as planned?


That’s happened too me one too many times. But let me tell you about today.

So today was the last day of classes for me and I had the day off from work. I decided I’ll wake up early, go to class, then come back home around 12 and get the bulk of my final assignments done before this weekend. Of course that was too good to be true.

My subconscious be like

Last night, I stayed up a little too late doing homework then watching Suits right before bed. I woke up this morning for class, but I’m like, “eh, do I haaave to go? I think I can afford one absence.” So I convinced myself to sleep in, then woke up really late. I got out of bed around 12:30 and decided to go to Dunkin’ for some breakfast.

Bella the Buggy didn’t have any gas so I had to go to the gas station, then went to Dunkin’, then came back home. Bella doesn’t have any reliable cup holders. In my attempt to come home quickly, I made a sharp turn and my medium caramel iced latte fell right onto the carpet in the backseat. I pulled over and picked it up, but it made a HUGE mess. I got so frustrated because this isn’t the first time I spilled a drink my turning.

Seeing the mess my drink made

Anyway, I went inside and watched an episode of SuitsΒ as I ate. When I was done, I went back to the car, took all of the car mats out of Bella and hand washed them in the backyard. I only have four mats because it’s a small car, but brooooo my back was killing me when I was done.

After I finished with the mats and hung them to dry, I had to fold my laundry and clean my room because we’re having guests over this weekend. I had Suits on while I did my chores of course.

When I finished with that, I went downstairs and spent some time with my brothers and mom as we waited for the Chinese food to be delivered.

It is now almost 9pm and I still have to go take a shower. I also still have to write a 6 page essay, a 10 page essay, a final review sheet, a Spanish composition, a 300 word documentary review, and an online final- all of which is due either May 19th or May 20th. I also have two finals on May 20th. I don’t know how, but I procrastinated on doing my homework assignments in a very productive way. If only my coffee didn’t spill in my car, I should have went to class!

(watch me make the same mistake next semester)

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