McDonald’s New Crispy Chicken Sandwiches

That’s right, folks. Our fast food classics have been revamped. We’re talking about McDonald’s chicken sandwiches. Personally, we favor them over the Big Macs any day. On February 24th, we found out that McDonald’s changed the recipe for the crispy chicken sandwich. You know we just had to review it for you. Anything for the people.

Behold, the new deluxe chicken sandwich!

McDonald’s released three varieties: the crispy chicken sandwich, the spicy crispy chicken sandwich, and the deluxe crispy chicken sandwich. They come in regular and spicy.Β  Did we mention that the spicy Mcnuggets are back? This drop was everything we didn’t know we were missing.

The new sandwiches look nothing like the previous crispy chicken sandwiches. Now there’s aΒ  breaded patty sandwiched between brioche buns, which reminds us of Chick-fil-A. The standard chicken sandwich comes with pickles (hint hint Popeyes?). Nontheless, these sandwiches are delicious! We tried the spicy crispy chicken sandwich and the deluxe crispy chicken sandwich. They smother the spicy chicken sandwich with a cayenne sauce. Everything in this sandwich compliments each other. Mayo, lettuce, and tomato bulk up the deluxe crispy chicken sandwich. This is a hit with the spicy chicken patty and the fresh veggies working harmoniously.

You definitely need to try McDonald’s new crispy chicken sandwiches. We think they can compete against Chick-fil-A’s and Popeyes’ chicken sandwiches. The spice factor is there and these sandwiches are filling! Try McDonald’s new crispy chicken sandwiches today and let us know what you think!

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