Krave It Astoria

Welcome back to Krave It! We featured Krave It Pizza & Sandwich Joint on our blog before, but they have now expanded their franchise! Congratulations to the team for their enormous growth and success. They are no longer a small pizza shop in Bayside, Queens. You can hunt down their delicious delicacies in Astoria, Queens, too!

Always whipping up new creations: birria taco pizza!

Recently, Krave It introduced their birria birria birria slice. Slices are large, about the size of my head! You can order it by the slice or by the pie. The birria slice is thick layers of cheese, meat, more cheese, and pico de gallo. Each slice comes with a container of consomm√©, the luscious soup which the meat is simmered in. You’ve gotta dunk your pizza into the consomm√© to get that full birria experience! This Mexican-Italian mash up will have your taste buds doing somersaults.

In this clip, you’ll see the mounds of cheese that glue this slice together. This is definitely a pizza worth treating yourself to! I guarantee you that you won’t find a pizza like this anywhere else. Pop into a Krave It Pizza & Sandwich Joint to try their birria pizza today!

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