Itching For A New Dandruff Shampoo?

If you’re like me then you’ve also been at war with your hair. For the past few months, I’ve been losing my battle with dandruff. It seemed like no matter what kind of products I’d use on my hair, I could never defeat the little white, annoying flakes. If you’re like me then you’re probably itching for a new dandruff shampoo too. (Ha, see what I did there?) Have no fear, the perfect solution is here!

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Selsun Blue

Okay, so when I was younger and dealt with dandruff, I usually turned to Selsun Blue. There are different variations of the shampoo, but they all target dandruff and try to prevent it. On Amazon, the prices generally range from about $7 to $10 for an 11 oz bottle. That’s pretty cheap considering that local drug stores (at least my local Walgreens) I see this shampoo go for $11 to $14 for an 11 oz. Selsun Blue used to work for me when I was younger and my dandruff wasn’t so bad. If you have mild dandruff, then I suggest going for this shampoo first. Again, if you’re like me and your dandruff is really, really bad and you feel like Selsun Blue isn’t working for you, then don’t worry I have another solution!

Selsun Blue Shampoo



Recently, my dandruff became so bad that it was constantly itching and flaking everywhere, even after I’d just washed my hair. I became frustrated that Selsun Blue had stopped working for me. I reached out to a friend who with similar issues and she suggested Nizoral. Again, I went to my local Walgreens. For me, there were two bottles: 4 fl oz and 7 fl oz. Since I was trying a new shampoo, I went for the 4 fl oz. I paid about $13-$14 for that, but Amazon has it cheaper for about $10-$11. I started seeing results after about a month. It seemed to be working, so I went back and bought the 7 fl oz for about $20,  meanwhile, Amazon has it for about $14. Nizoral is definitely a bigger bang for your buck. It’s money well spent if you really struggle with dandruff just like I did.

Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


If you still struggle with dandruff after trying these drug store shampoos, then reach out to your doctor for a more specialized medicated treatment. It’s okay if the first thing you use doesn’t work for you. It’s all about trial and error. Good luck to you with your battle against dandruff!

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