Achieving 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

With January 1st just 2 days away, we know everyone’s got their New Year’s resolutions prepared and ready to go. 2020 is the start of a new decade with new chances and opportunities for us to change our lives. To be quite honest, we’re not the biggest fans of New Year resolutions for the fact that there are a few top goals that are used over and over only for the month of January: “new year, new me”, hitting the gym, and getting our lives together. Instead, let us help you believers with your New Year Resolutions with our tips and tricks that ensure you’ll achieve this 2020’s goals.

Tip #1: Adopt a Growth Mindset


A major key to achieving any type of goal is to expand your mindset and the way you view your capabilities. Setting goals that challenge yourself are essential for growth; don’t restrict yourself to your comfort zone. For example, this year you may want to start a business but you’re afraid you may fail because you don’t know much on the accounting end. Adopting a growth mindset will allow you believe that you can learn accountant skills in order to proceed.

Tip #2: Get Realistic


  This may sound contradictory to the first goal, but while establishing challenges for yourself, you must also envision yourself at the finish line with these resolutions. Guidelines to challenging but realistic goals are ones that can have a set time frame with quantifiable characteristics. For example, you can plan to set up the logistic side of your business within 2 months.

Tip #3: Break Down Vague Goals

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Let’s tie Tip #1 and 2 together with the fact that your New Years resolution must be broken down into smaller goals. Indeed, it is hard to not immediately think vague, such as “lose weigh this year”. You can taken these vague goals and specify in the steps you’ll need to get there. These steps become goals themselves. In order to lose weight, you may want to first, sign up for a gym membership and secondly, plan your gym schedule for a few days of the week. Then you can move onto meal prepping, let’s say every Sunday, and removing your favorite junk foods from your life one week at a time. Going all-in with big goals can lead to failure mainly due their vagueness and lack of methodology. Tip #3 is vital in making baby steps towards your accomplishments.

We wish you all success with your 2020 resolutions and hope these tips can be helpful in helping you map out your execution. Remember to not overwhelm yourselves with the “new year, new me” thinking where you feel pressured to make drastic changes in your lives. The smallest bit of progress is still progress and every day should have impact on your goals. Here’s to a new decade!

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