valley stream park

Valley Stream State Park

The First HAlf (Exit 15A, southern State Pkway)

Valley Stream State Park is the perfect place to get away from the busy city life for a day. There are lots of walking/biking trails, bodies of water, and wildlife. There are also elements of a traditional park, such as playgrounds and designated fields for picnicking, BBQing, and playing sports. It’s even large enough to implement social distancing guidelines!

Valley Stream playground

A glimpse of the playground area. There is also another section for younger kids from ages 2-5.

When I go to this park, I enjoy walking down the trails through all the beautiful greenery. There are usually families walking along the way or people riding down on their bikes. Along the trail, there is also exercise equipment accompanied by instructions.

valley stream exercise

Go for a run and workout along the way!

The trail is calming and relaxing. It’s a great place for me to clear my head for a bit. The park extends over Hendrickson Avenue. Once I get closer to that street, I notice a lot more creeks and wildlife along the trail. There are so many adorable ducks and geese! The ducks tend to be more friendly and approach visitors in hopes of receiving food. The geese stick together,  however, I don’t recommend bothering them though. Geese look like they know how to fight, but that’s just my opinion.

The Second Half (AKa Hendrickson Park)

vally stream geese

“look at all those chickens”

Once I cross over Hendrickson Avenue, the trail is split down the middle: one side for walkers, the other for bikers. I walk about 5-10 minutes more until I arrive at the beautiful Valley Stream Pond. If you look closely enough and are patient enough, then you’ll be able to find large fish and even a turtle in the pond as I did! It was hard to get pictures of those animals, but I suppose some things are meant to be experienced in person!

There are nice memorial benches that overlook the pond and its fountains. I never go beyond the pond because it’s my favorite part of the whole park. I like sitting on the concrete border while dangling my legs as opposed to sitting on the bench. However, beyond the pond (closer to Merrick Rd.), there are basketball courts, tennis courts, a pool, a pavilion, and a community center.  There is so much to do at this park because it truly has something for everyone!

Valley Stream State Park Gallery

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