The Vessel

Last week, I had my much-needed Spring Break! I decided to use the break to relax and simply have fun. I was tired of constantly being in “school-mode” or “work-mode.”

Me after a GRUESOME 8 weeks straight of school

Anyway, the city recently opened up a new attraction in Hudson Yards called “The Vessel,” so my friends and I decided to check it out.  I’m always down to see new things, especially in this wonderful city we live in, but when I heard this thing has about 2,500 steps, I was reluctant. I’m not fit at all, so I get tired after walking up just one flight of stairs. I used to walk a lot in my youth, but now as I’m embarking in my twenties, I just don’t have the physical strength or energy like I did before.

Me doing any physical activity

When we got there, I was in awe at how amazing this thing looked. I’ve seen pictures of it on social media, but seeing it in real life was even better.

The Vessel!

It reminds me of a beehive for some reason. I really like that the designers went with this bronze color. It really makes the structure stand out.

The view from the inside

So, once you go inside, this is what you’re going to see. It’s basically just rows and rows of lots of steps and people trying to take pictures.

Renny with his fake “off-guard” photo

This is what the steps look like. I think they’re concrete. They weren’t that hard to climb. None of us really tripped that much going up or down. It was pretty sturdy. The model in the photo, Renny, kept getting paranoid because he heard that the Vessel “shakes” in the wind and kept feeling it “move.” I didn’t feel anything like that until the top, but we’re not there yet!

Almost to the top!

This is the view from looking up. When we saw this, we established how high up we were and realized that The Vessel was not even half of that building. Our views were amazing from our perspectives, so we could not imagine what they seemed like to the people on the top floors of that building.

Still not quite at the top yet!

This is the view you get when you look down. If you’re someone like me, I really enjoy heights because I think the views are amazing. But if you’re someone who feels queasy just looking at this picture, then maybe stick close to the bottom if you decide to visit The Vessel.

We’ve reached the top with our photographer Karen!

Just look at how tiny the cars are, and look how far over the water you can see! The view was really great, and I felt so accomplished we made it to the top! The walk wasn’t that bad for me, because we didn’t walk around every floor, we just stayed in one general area and worked our way up. We also stopped at every few floors to take a break, sit down and take some pictures!

In order to go in The Vessel, we had to reserve these tickets, but they were free. Our tickets allowed us to be in there for an hour, but we didn’t even spend the full hour. I think we made it to the top in like twenty minutes. That’s really quick given the fact that we kept stopping so much. The Vessel is a really nice place to go take some pictures, or sit down and chill. I really enjoyed all the views and scenery, as well as taking some great pictures. Speaking of pictures, if you ever need a great photographer let me know! Karen is a wonderful photographer and editor. She supplied me with all these pictures I used to illustrate our journey throughout The Vessel.

I think everyone should visit The Vessel at Hudson Yards, it’s definitely worth it!


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