Spa Castle

A lot of you know that Queens is one of the most diverse boroughs in the city. We have inclusive food, cultured shopping areas, unique events, and special recreational places. Spa Castle is one of those special recreational places to spend your down time. Located in College Point, Queens, Spa Castle is not just any spa; it’s more like a hybrid between Asian saunas and European bathhouses. It’s the perfect location to have a quick or lengthy moment of relaxation amongst these busy days ahead.

Amenities offered at Spa Castle are a bath area/ pool lounge, sauna valley, hydrotherapy pools, resting areas, fitness center, dining options, and a variety of spa treatments such as manicures, facials, and body therapy. The interior setup of the spa resembles the architecture of a European bathhouse. It’s quite a beautiful scene and makes you forget that you’re in the midst of urban life. The sauna valley in particular each have different benefits with some rooms hotter than others and even incorporating the energy of healing stones in the rooms. There’s even a room that is the opposite of a sauna room;  it has actual ice on the walls! 🤯

The view overlooks the cool outdoor pools and Whitestone Bridge. 🌉

There are different prices for added spa anmenities, but general admission grants you access to all of the different areas of the spa. You can check out their website for pricing information and further details on the services offered. It is a kid-friendly environment so the entire family could get involved! Food and drinks are sold if you’re feeling peckish (obviously right? Food is a necessity for destressing 😋). A spa day with yourself, your partner or the entire family can be just what you need to recharge this weekend!

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