LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade 2019

This year’s LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade was held on the last day of pride month, June 30th. It was my first time attending after living in NYC basically my whole life, so I didn’t know what to expect besides the outrageous yet politically outspoken outfits and ensembles. The LGBTQIA+ community, in the Big Apple at least, is infamous for their boldly unifying nature that will stand up to the smallest injustices and fight to make those wrongs right. This spirit echoed throughout the parade as the streets were filled with strangers happily dancing amongst each other and cheering passerbyers.


There was a lot of political support from the NYPD, such as these open LGBTQIA+ officers who marched in the parade themselves (left). There were even several cop cars and SUVs (right) that were specially designed to fit the theme of the occasion to make a statement about the justice system changing its ways and doing its part in protecting these equally deserving civilians.

As people partied in the streets, the crowd itself was energetic for the actual parade. I was situated by the middle of the parade procession, near the infamous Stonewall landmark in Greenwich Village. If you’ve ever been to Greenwich Village, you can imagine how packed the streets were times 50. This was a huge downfall to move about without bumping into anyone as people were stopping randomly to see the floats and marchers. I was bumped so many times that it became really frustrating. People seemed to have forgotten about personal space. My millennium-esque Snapchat  video below shows how tight the area was in terms of space availability, except for the main runway for parade processions and floats of course.

The entire vibe of the LGBTQIA+ parade was encouraging, enthusiastic, and lively. It really was a judgement free zone with widespread love that celebrated years of overcoming injustices and prevailing battles. Members of and nonmembers of the community stood side by side to cheer on famous faces, brands, and organizations that support love has no labels. 💞

Global cosmetics company, MAC, also joined the list of well-known sponsors amidst the colorful flags and decor.

The infamous and still relevant department store, Macy’s, took a stance in the community’s celebrations.

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