Dreamland Amusements Fair

Picture yourself having the most classic American outing of the summer with friends and family. It’s a hot afternoon as the sun sets, you and some friends or family members have a day off from work, and you decide to spend some time together. You’d most likely be transported to an amusement park or fair, right? (Hopefully my mind reading skills are accurate here…😅)

In that case, you have to check out Dreamland Amusement Fairs that are being held across New York’s countryside and in New Jersey this summer. My friends and I went to the fair held in Brentwood, Long Island which wasn’t very local to us considering that we live in Queens, but it was worth the hour and a half road trip for us. For one thing, tickets were cheap and there were coupons offered through the website itself! It was also a change of summer scenery for us, our local fair arena being Coney Island which we’ve been to way too many times. It allowed us to feel like American kids in the 80s who ran across the dirt field to different rides rather than still being stuck in the city environment while at an amusement park.

Carousels, roller coasters and puking after roller coaster rides are all part of the fair experience!

Enjoy my millennial photo of my lemonade in Snapchat quality.

 We first waited in the long admissions line to get into the fair grounds and then we allowed ourselves to get lost in all the scents and sights. From fried funnel cake and oreos to lit up bumper cars and rides that swing you upside down, we didn’t know where to begin. I was hungry-when am I not?- so I got myself a home style chicken sandwich and freshly squeezed lemonade. Lemonade from the fair is incomparable. It’s not luxury bottled and refined lemonade, but being made with a lot of sugar, a dash of lemon juice, water and ice, it hits the spot on a hot summer’s day. 👌 We then got on the Ferris wheel altogether to get a breathtaking view of the entire park and some of the sunset.

We went on several swing rides, one a literal swing and another a claw that flipped you upside down and swung you. We played in bumper cars and walked around some more to find a Sam Ash stage where locals played live music. One of my friends spotted a camel in one corner of the arena and it was the most unexpected thing ever, so naturally, we followed it. We stumbled upon a small petting zoo where the vendors showcased a mixture of animals, like goats, donkeys, lemurs and even kangaroos! It was my first time seeing a kangaroo and I wasn’t sure how I expected it to look, but it was pretty cool seeing one in person.

Towards the end of the night, there were performers on the Sam Ash stage. We watched a tightrope walker who not only walked and jumped on the rope, but also rode a bike across. The talent! We went on some more rides and were pleasantly surprised to see fireworks go off. My friend, Ryan, had read beforehand that there would be fireworks that night, but we were having so much fun that we didn’t keep track of time. Although they didn’t last long, they beautifully lit up the sky alongside the moving rides. Before we left, we got some fair treats to take with us on the road. I got frozen cheesecake on a stick (sounds epic, doesn’t it?), Ryan got a chocolate dipped banana, and Sammy got chocolate ice cream on a cone. #Fairfoodforthewin.

Frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate, drenched in chocolate sprinkles. I can now die happily. 😍

Dreamland Amusements was definitely worth the drive and money! Everyone should take a trip to a local fair this summer with family members of all ages. You’re all guaranteed to have a great time. Dreamland Amusements is holding upcoming fairs in Tannersville, Pennsylvania and Middletown, NY. You can check out dates, ticket deals, rides, and coupons through their website.

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