Brooklyn Cat Cafe

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe is the perfect place for cat lovers! Located in Brooklyn Heights, the Cat Cafe is a wonderful place where visitors can play with cats or even adopt one (or all) that they fall in love with.

Located at: 76 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

The general price for the cat cafe is $8/half hour, but we made our reservations and bought our tickets online and it costed us $7/half hour. Only a dollar less than paying in person, but hey a bargain is a bargain. Since we did the process online, we also got to complete waiver forms ahead of time too. I recommend doing everything online and getting it out the way so that when you arrive you can get straight to play time with the kitties!

When we got there, there was a little waiting room we had to sit in before entering the cafe. The hostess spoke to us from behind a screen door. At first I was a little confused, but I soon understood that the reason for that was so none of the cats run out the door. Our appointment was for 4:00PM but they were nice enough to let us in when we got there, which was 3:50PM. I was hoping we’d get the extra ten minutes and end at 4:30PM, but they were strict about their rules in regards to only spending 30 minutes. We were welcome to stay longer, but that just meant we had to pay another fee.

All of the cats there were rescued from shelters. The hostess made it clear to handle the cats with care and reminded us that these were living creatures with feelings, not toys. We weren’t allowed to pull on the cats tails, be too rough with them, oh and she made it very clear not to “Lion King” them. She also told us to pay attention to cats with red collars on, since these cats had been abused or traumatized in the past. We were told not to approach them, but instead let them come to us.

 Don’t “Lion King” the cats!

Once we got past the screen door, it was kitty galore! Cats EVERYWHERE I tell you! We put our stuff down in these little cubbies (some cubbies were filled with cats and I was more than okay with that) and we ventured off into the depths of the cafe!

 Me gettin’ ready to play with all the cats

When you first walk in through the screen door, there is a large display case to the right of you. It’s FILLED with kittens. The kittens aren’t out roaming the cafe like the older cats because they’re still babies and need to be cared for a bit more before they can come play with all the friends who come visit them.

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Next, we walked through the cafe and tried to make friends with any of the cats walking around, exploring. A lot of the cats were sleeping, and we weren’t allowed to bother them (another rule we had to follow). The cafe also offer toys for visitors to use to play with the cats which is what we used to lure in our furry friends. I think a lot of the cats were getting so distracted by seeing so many people so a lot of the time they would play with us for a few seconds then run off somewhere else.

Since it’s a cafe, it does serve snacks and refreshments, but we were too busy trying to make friends to order anything. I think a half an hour was the perfect amount of time given. It allowed us to have enough play time and show the cats some love. I love the idea of the cafe because for someone like me, I’m not allowed to have pets like cats or dogs at home so it was great to have a place I can go to where I can have the best of both worlds. I think there should be more cat cafes open and even a similar place for dogs. I definitely recommend this place if you’re ever in Brooklyn Heights. It’s also right near the water and a ton of restaurants so you can get some amazing views and food too!

How could you NOT wanna play with these adorable little creatures?!

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